The first artist-friendly commission app without fee.

You don’t believe us? Try it now.

New artists are put forward.

Are you tired of your lack of visibility? Do you want to find and support artists beginning in the commission field? Then CommiMe is made for you. You will find a category made for new artists on the home screen, so that everybody can have a chance to shine.

Custom form

Make a form that your clients can fill out to gain time and avoid the stress of the first conversation.

Showcase of the custom form that you can create.

Private chatbox

You miss the old-fashioned conversations on social media? No worries, you can continue them here.

Showcase of the private chat in the app.

Review system

Leave a note out of 5 stars so that other users know they can trust you.

Showcase of the review system with examples.

Looking for something special?

With the tags and the search bar, you will no longer have to scroll on social media for hours looking for that specific style you like so much. Now, all you have to do is type its name and the results will appear immediately.

Preview of the filter and sort possibilities.

They’re already convinced.

I tried many commissions platforms but none of them ever convinced me. The fee was too high, and I was drowned in the middle of popular artists, so I switched to Twitter to sell my drawing, until I discovered CommiMe. Thanks to this app, I can now easily find new clients and the process is way easier than before!
I never dared to sell my drawings, but when I discovered CommiMe, I finally tried it. I don’t regret starting by using it — it was very intuitive and simple, I was guided all along and I didn’t have any doubt on the whole process. Now, my drawings are a part of my income.
As a commission buyer, I always found it sad that smaller artists were lacking visibilty, and even if you wanted to support them, it wasn’t an easy task to find them in the first place, but with this app, this problem was solved and I can now discover new artists every day.

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